Giving up fizzy drinks

natural flavoured water


6 year old Champ taste tasting my new flavoured water.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally kicked the fizzy drink habit – Diet Coke in particular. I know how awful it is for you, but it was my daily vice – a can of cold, sparkling caffeinated crap at lunch time to see me through the afternoon. It becomes an addiction!

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My take on Asda’s ’50 signs you’re a mother’ – a more positive view

Photo 29-01-2015 18 21 47

The image of a typical mum according to Asda

So there’s uproar naturally after Asda published their ’50 signs you’re a mum’ today.  What a joke.  I usually rise above niggly things that get you a bit clammy around the collar but I couldn’t peel my eyes from this as I read it in Metro on the tube this morning – the lack of wifi to share my rant making me sweatier by the second.

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Review: Instagram wrapping paper instagram wrapping paper

In our family we’re Christmas mad, and like many parents we started (trying) to get organised at the start of November to avoid the mental last minute Christmas rush.  I hate that feeling when you feel the panic buying setting in and you end up with a) too many gifts, b) the wrong gifts or c) the department store sweats.

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Review: Travelodge Rooms for families

Travelodge beds

At the end of November we took an amazing trip to Cologne for the Christmas markets. It’s a family tradition and we try to visit a different one each year.  So far, Lille, Bremen, Southbank London, Bath and now Cologne.

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Woolly Pullies from M&S – Boys Winter Jumpers

Cologne Christmas markets

We’ve just come back from a magical three days at the Christmas markets in Cologne.  We packed for all weathers with some reports of mild sunny days, much like we’ve had here, and others that it could be quite cold.

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Best winter coats for boys


Over the last week, the temperature has really dropped. Aside from the satisfying savings on our gas and electric bills, I’m kind of ready for winter to close in.  Less of the rainy, windy weather and more of the bitterly crisp, frosty sunny days please.

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Review: Jamie’s Italian, Oxford


Last Sunday we headed straight from the rugby pitch into Oxford for Sunday lunch.  Noah started playing rugby at Abingdon RFC a few weeks ago and seems to have found a new passion.  So we planned our Sunday around that and a treat lunch afterwards at Jamie’s Italian in Oxford.

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Review: Rosie’s Tea Room Abingdon

Rosie's Tea Room Abingdon

On Saturday we wandered into Abingdon to get our mop top children haircuts, and afterwards enjoyed lunch at the incredibly popular Rosie’s Tea Room in Abingdon.

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Duvet Day

Vert Baudet Duvet Cover

After launching back into the school routine, a weekend away, family wedding and everything that comes with family life, we’re having a duvet day today.

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Smoked paprika, halzephron, saffron

My favourite spices

I’ve been having a declutter in the kitchen, inspired by fellow Oxford blogger Natasha from Candy Pop. Read more…